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Hello there,

Beautiful People, I'M LENA J. &

Guess what I did...??

Nope, that ain’t it (LOL)

I finally Cut My Hair(lol)

Why? Ya Ask?

Well, I've been going back n forth debating with myself for a few years now.

So, at first, I was like “I’ll wait, and just try out some hair styles. Done by Me, because I wasn’t tryna be spending unnecessary money, When I can do some Something Something Myself(lol).

You wanna see the Hair Styles?? O.K.😁 I'LL BE SHOWIN' YOU IN A SEC❤.


After Creating so many styles and seeing that I have Talent Talent, made me feel Great!+ I also got the hair styles thing out of my system.😁 . So when I woke up with Sleepy Braids still in Head, Grab them Scissor, & Got the cuttin' ASAP😅I Ain't Feel like doin' my hair nomo no way😅 Sooo. When I cut my hair, my mind was already made up and it felt GOOOOOD. Now... right now my head looks like a Bowling Ball🤣. Working on losing a little fat from My Sexy Face and it will really look Niiice, Bt until then. I LOVE IT! & IT POPz ANYWAYz😍 It really truly does feel like New Beginnings. Yes yes ik ( I know) that is sooo ** Cliché ** BT! That is how it feels and I did it alllll by myself😁 BT RQ Check out the Mistake🤣🤣

YET, Once I Dyed it, IT ALLLLLL CAME TOGETHER🥰 My Bald patch ended up stayin' Black-ish Brown and Ended up Matchin' the back of my head. &💨 that is 💫How The 💓SIDE PATCH & BACK PATCH CAME 2LIFE💖.. CAN YOU SEE IT😁❔ ❣💥❣YET ME & MY TALENT NIECE MADE IT EVEN BETTER 💜❤(SHOUT OUT!! ) ❤BINKY❤ HOOKED IT UP FOR MY BDAY❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘YAASSS IK WE DID THAT.LBS. AW! N My Hair Styles Down there 2💞THANX 4CHECKIN' WITH ME😘, COME AGAIN😎, N ENJOY THE MERCH😎.💙❤💜❤💙❤💜

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